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Software Development

Hardware Interface Development

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Project Sponsor


Liaison Engineer
Norm Englund, PE

Team Members
John Cotter
Robert Phillips
John Ulmen

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Frank J. Shih

Sponsored by
Seattle University &
The Boeing Company


Project Overview

The Commercial Airplane Group of The Boeing Company is the leading supplier of commercial aircrafts flown throughout the world. At its testing facility near Boeing Field in South Seattle, servovalves are used in a number of testing applications for commercial aircraft components. A servovalve is a device that uses a small amount of electrical current (~15 mA) to precisely control a large amount of hydraulic power (~100 horsepower). Because the servovalves control such massive amount of hydraulic fluid flows, it is vital that they perform with accuracy and precision. Currently if a servovalve is suspected of malfunctioning, it is sent to the servovalve manufacturer for testing and calibration, resulting in possible unwanted downtime for that specific testing application. An in-house testing system and procedure would reduce such a downtime.

The Boeing Company is seeking a fully assembled servovalve testing fixture and procedure to analyze and evaluate the performance of the servovalves in-house. The required measurements are the proportional no-load flow rate and blocked port pressure from the servovalve as a function of the input current. A servovalve must also produce a specific output flow magnitude corresponding to a correct current frequency. Both control and data acquisition for the calibration tests should be fully computerized.


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