Modeling sound localization circuits

We use anatomical, neurophysiological, and behavioral data to create functional models of the owl's sound localization pathway.

Relevant Publications

Seattle University undergraduate

Population-wide bias of surround suppression in auditory spatial receptive fields of the owl's midbrain.
Wang, Y., Shanbhag, S.J., Fischer, B.J., Pena, J.L.
J Neurosci 32: 10470 - 10478, 2012.

Effect of instantaneous frequency glides on interaural time difference processing by auditory coincidence detectors.
Fischer, B.J., Steinberg, L.J., Fontaine, B. , Brette, R., Pena, J.L.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA , 108(44): 18138 - 18143, 2011.

Estimated cochlear delays in low best-frequency neurons in the barn owl cannot explain coding of interaural time difference.
Singheiser, M., Fischer, B.J., Wagner, H.
J Neurophysiol 104: 1946-1954, 2010.

Multiplicative auditory spatial receptive fields created by a hierarchy of population codes.
Fischer, B.J., Anderson, C.H., Pena, J.L.
PLoS ONE, 4(11): e8015. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0008015, 2009.

Bilateral matching of frequency tuning in the neural cross-correlators of the owl.
Fischer, B.J., Pena, J.L.
Biol Cybern, 100(6): 521-531, 2009.

Cross-correlation by coincidence detectors in the owl.
Fischer, B.J., Christianson, G.B., Pena, J.L.
J Neurosci, 28: 8107-8115, 2008.

Variability reduction in interaural time difference tuning in the barn owl.
Fischer, B.J., Konishi, M.
J Neurophysiol, 100: 708-715, 2008.

Emergence of multiplicative auditory responses in the midbrain of the barn owl.
Fischer, B.J., Pena, J.L., Konishi, M.
J Neurophysiol 98: 1181-1193, 2007.

Relevant Senior Synthesis Projects

Modeling Hebbian learning algorithms in the owl brain
Allen Seydel, 2014.

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