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SemaphoreManager Class Reference

Semaphore manager. More...

Public Member Functions

void addSemaphore (const char *name, sem_t *sem, int value)
 Registers a new semaphore. More...
void waitSemaphore (int id, sem_t *sem)
 Implements the wait operation for a semaphore. More...
void signalSemaphore (int id, sem_t *sem)
 Implements the signal (post) operation for a semaphore. More...
string getSemaphoreTable () const
 Returns the semaphore table in a string. More...

Detailed Description

The semaphore manager is responsible for managing the semaphores used during the concurrent sections of the program. Each semaphore must first be registered using addSemaphore. The state of semaphores are adjusted via the waitSemaphore and signalSemaphore methods.

Member Function Documentation

void SemaphoreManager::addSemaphore ( const char *  name,
sem_t *  sem,
int  value 

Registers a new semaphore.

[in]namename of semaphore
[in]semsemaphore variable
[in]valueinitial value of semaphore
void SemaphoreManager::waitSemaphore ( int  id,
sem_t *  sem 

Decrement the semaphore. If the value is negative, the thread must wait until woken up by a subsequent post operation.

[in]idid of thread performing wait
[in]semsemaphore variable
void SemaphoreManager::signalSemaphore ( int  id,
sem_t *  sem 

Increment the semaphore. If one or more threads are waiting, one thread will be woken up.

[in]idid of thread performing signal (post)
[in]semsemaphore variable
string SemaphoreManager::getSemaphoreTable ( ) const

Returns the semaphore table in a string in a trace-friendly format.

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