Introduction to Linux

The computer science department supports a Linux machine for course work in many of the computer science courses.  Accounts are typically automatically created if you enroll in a course that uses cs1.  If you need an account, please see your computer science instructor.  Your username and password are the same as your Seattle University username used for email and logging onto SU Online.
Here are some tutorials to get you started working on Linux at Seattle University:

Additional Reference Material:

For additional questions regarding Linux, please contact your instructor.

Working Off Campus

You can log onto from anywhere off campus you have an Internet connection.  It is not necessary to use VPN to access the machine.

For Window machines, you will need to download Putty.  To transfer files from cs1 to your home computer, you can download WinSCP.  Both programs are provided in campus labs.

For Macs, including those in SU labs, no additional software is necessary.  Run Terminal under Utilities.  This brings up a prompt.  Here, type: "ssh" and press Enter.  You'll be asked for your username and password.

The department does not provide any support for working off campus.  The software you can download using the above links is provided without support.  You may try contacting the Help Desk ( or OIT for issues and they may or may not be able to assist depending on the request.

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