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Current Classes (Spring 2015)

Wave-energy extraction course (with spring break in Chile)

  I hope to teach this course again in the winter of 2016. Please e-mail me at carterj1@seattleu.edu if you might be interested.

Educational Background

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Professional Publications

  1. D. Mitsotakis, D. Dutykh, and J.D. Carter. On the nonlinear dynamics of the traveling-wave solutions of the Serre equations. Submitted to Nonlinearity, 2014.   .pdf

  2. J.D. Carter, D. Helliwell, A. Henrich, M. Principe, and J.M. Sloughter. Improving student success in calculus at Seattle University. To appear in PRIMUS, 2015.

  3. N. Sanford, K. Kodama, J.D. Carter, and H. Kalisch. Stability of traveling wave solutions to the Whitham equation. Physics Letters A, 378 : 2100-2107, 2014.   .pdf

  4. J.D. Carter. Plane wave solutions of a dissipative generalization of the vector nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 82: 1038-1046, 2012.   .pdf

  5. J.D. Carter. A Review of Mathematica: A Problem-Centered Approach. SIAM Review, 53: 583-585, 2011.   .pdf

  6. J.D. Carter and R. Cienfuegos. The kinematics and stability of solitary and cnoidal wave solutions of the Serre equations. European Journal of Mechanics B: Fluids, 30: 259-268, 2011.   .pdf

  7. D.M. Henderson, H. Segur and J.D. Carter. Experimental evidence of stable wave patterns on deep water. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 658, 247-278, 2010.   .pdf

  8. J.D. Carter and C.C. Contreras. Stability of plane-wave solutions of a dissipative generalization of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Physica D, 237: 3292-3296, 2008.   .pdf

  9. J.D. Carter. A Review of Maple and Mathematica: A Problem Solving Approach.   .pdf
  10. J.D. Carter. A Review of Mathematica 6. SIAM Review, 50: 149-152, 2008.   .pdf
  11. B. Deconinck, F. Kiyak and J.D. Carter. SpectrUW version 2.0, April 2007.   Download SpectrUW.
  12. N. Canney and J.D. Carter. Stability of plane waves on deep water with dissipation. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 74: 159-167, 2007.   .pdf
  13. B. Deconinck, F. Kiyak, J.D. Carter and J.N. Kutz. SpectrUW: a laboratory for the numerical exploration of spectra of linear operators.Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 74: 370-378, 2007.   .pdf
  14. J.D. Carter and B. Deconinck. Instabilities of one-dimensional trivial-phase solutions of the two-dimensional cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Physica D, 214: 42-54, 2006.   .pdf
  15. B. Deconinck, D.E. Pelinovsky and J.D. Carter. Transverse instabilities of deep-water solitary waves. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 462: 2039-2061, 2006.   .pdf
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  17. H. Segur, D. Henderson, J.D. Carter, J. Hammack, C. Li, D. Pheiff and K. Socha. Stabilizing the Benjamin-Feir instability. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 539: 229-271, 2005.   .pdf
  18. J.D. Carter. A Review of Mathematica 5.0. SIAM Review, 46: 564-568, 2004.   .pdf
  19. J.D. Carter and H. Segur. Instabilities in the two-dimensional cubic nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Physical Review E, 68: 045601, 2003.   .pdf
  20. J.D. Carter (Ph.D. thesis). Stability and existence of traveling-wave solutions of the two-dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger equation and its higher-order generalizations. University of Colorado at Boulder, 2001.   .pdf

Albums Everyone Should Own

  • AC-DC -- Who Made Who
  • Agalloch -- The Mantle
  • Amorphis -- Tales From the Thousand Lakes
  • Anathema -- The Silent Enigma
  • At the Gates -- Slaughter of the Soul
  • Black Sabbath -- Black Sabbath
  • Bongzilla -- Gateway
  • Burzum -- Hvis Lyset Tor Oss
  • Carcass -- Swansong
  • Danzig -- III: How the Gods Kill
  • Death -- Human
  • Drudkh -- Krov U Nashykh Krynytsyakh
  • Eleven -- Thunk
  • Emperor -- In the Nightside Eclipse
  • Forgotten Tomb -- Negative Megalomania
  • Immortal -- Battles in the North
  • Keen of the Crow -- Hyborea
  • King Diamond -- Abigail
  • Kyuss -- Blues for the Red Sun
  • Life of Agony -- River Runs Red
  • Mayhem -- Grand Declaration of War
  • Mercyful Fate -- Melissa
  • Mindrot -- Soul
  • Neurosis -- A Sun That Never Sets
  • Nile -- Annihilation of the Wicked
  • Opeth -- My Arms, Your Hearse
  • Prong -- Rude Awakening
  • Rollins Band -- The End of Silence
  • Samael -- Ceremony of Opposites
  • Savatage -- Streets: A Rock Opera
  • Slayer -- South of Heaven
  • Sleep -- Dopesmoker
  • Spirit Caravan -- Jug Fulla Sun
  • Suicidal Tendencies -- Suicidal Tendencies
  • Trouble -- Trouble
  • Type O Negative -- Bloody Kisses
  • W.A.S.P. -- K.F.D.
  • Xasthur -- To Violate the Oblivious

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