Ben Tribelhorn, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Seattle University

Office: ENGR 506
Email: tribelhb (at) seattleu (dot) edu

Ph.D., Oregon State University
B.S., Harvey Mudd College


SQ15 - CPSC 4610/5610 Artificial Intelligence (Anticipated)
WQ15 - CPSC 1220 Data Driven Programming (Anticipated)
WQ15 - CPSC 4600/5600 Parallel Computing (Anticipated)
FQ14 - CPSC 2430 Data Structures (Anticipated)
SQ14 - CPSC 192 Data Driven Programming
WQ14 - CPSC 510 Algorithms (Parallel Computing)
FQ13 - CPSC 250 Data Structures (Canvas)
FQ13 - SEGR 570 Artificial Intelligence (Canvas)


My research interests include Scientific Visualization, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Parallel Computing with an emphasis on applications in the life sciences and engineering. I plan on running a Bioinformatics group; if you are interested please contact me.

Seattle U does not allow grant-funded tuition. Please do not apply to me for funded research opportunities. All students must apply directly to Seattle U.

Graduate Implementation/Research Projects:

For MSCS students, I am happy to supervise your graduate project. The goal of this project is to give you valuable skills for your career, so I prefer to find projects that align with you career goals. You might want to think about what types of projects will help you get your next job or promotion. Sample Ideas:


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General Policy (4 weeks notice):
To write you a reference I need:

Social Media Policy:

LinkedIn: As a professional interested in your continued success, I will connect with you after you've taken a class with me.
Facebook/Others: I won't accept any Friend requests with current students.

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