About the EigenSeminar

The EigenSeminar is a working research group of faculty and students at Seattle University formed in 2013. The objective of the group is to understand, in any way possible, the solutions of various partial differential equations on various domains.

The EigenSeminar maintains a calendar of events and various deadline online /EigenSeminar Schedule/. You can also find out more about research being conducted in our Math department, as well as by other researchers outside of our department by attending our weekly /Mathematics Colloquia/.

Our History
It all began with the 2013 Mathematical Competition in Modeling. In the simpliest terms, the problem posed the following question:

Brownies bake evenly in round pans and develop crusts at corners. Design a pan that minimizes the 'crustiness' of the edges(*) while maximizing the number of pans that can be packed into an oven.

After the end of the competition, Dr. Bahuaud, Dr. Oliveras, and one very brave undergraduate student set out to find an analytic answer. Thus, the EigenSeminar was born.

During the Spring quarter of 2013, the EigenSeminar members met weekly to discuss various research papers associated with the EigenStructure associated with different domains. By the Fall of 2013 the group had grown to include four faculty and still one brave undergraduate. In the Spring of 2014, the one brave undergraduate student graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics and has since begun a Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics at the University of Kansas.

As of the Autumn Quarter of 2014, our group has grown to include eight undergraduate students.

(*) Please note: some people may wish to maximize the crust; we do not discriminate in the EigenSeminar.
Contact Information
Eric Bahuaud
Website / fac-staff.seattleu.edu/bahuaude/web
Office / Bannan 410
Phone /
Email / bahuaude@seattleu.edu

Katie Oliveras
Website / fac-staff.seattleu.edu/oliverak/web
Office / Bannan 411
Phone / 206.220.8210
Email / oliveras@seattleu.edu


Funding for the EigenSeminar research group is provided by the National Science Foundation, the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics at Brigham Young University, and the College of Science & Engineering at Seattle University.