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General Information on the Civil War


Episode 1    Chattangooga

Episode 2    The Families

Students may find these sites interesting if they are particularly interested in the clothing of the time. Students can then create their characters in the fashion of the time. However, this is one small learning aspect, and students should feel free to create characters that capture a "flavor" of the time and move on to other learning experiences.


This WEB site has pictures, paintings and drawings of clothing of this time period.

Episode 3    Historical Events of the Time

These Civil War sites provide a range of links related to the War itself as well as famous people of the time and other topics of interest. The sites contain primary documents including photographs, diaries, speeches, music, and many other kinds of information.


The excellent general site, but not much information on Chattanooga.
Be sure to check out the Quicktime VR pics of Lee's campaign.


This is general site that is easy to navigate, but is distracting with commercials that appear on the pages.

Episode 4    The Underground Railroad


Provides lots of information about the Underground Railroad

Episode 5    A Presidential Election


Provides a United States map showing the election results of 1860.

Episode 6 & 7 The Onset of War and The Siege

Guns & Other Weaponry from the Civil War Provides lots of information about the kinds of weapons used in the Civil War.


                                            Tennessee State Battle Map
                                                  State Battle Maps
                                            American Civil War Exhibits
                                                 Civil War Timeline
                                                 Women in the War

A general site that focuses primarily on battles. This address will take you
directly to the description of the battles of Tennessee.

Also, see sites listed for Episode 3

There are a myriad of resources on the Civil War itself. One site that links to many other sites is: The Battle of Gettysburg: A Take of Two Flags

Episode 8    Peace and Rebuilding
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