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Overview of Storypath: A Nation Divided
Episode 1  Creating the Setting:  Chattanooga

Students create a frieze of the natural environment and then a three-dimensional town of the early 1860s.

Episode 2  Creating the Characters: The Families

Students create family characters who live and work in Chattanooga at that time.

Episode 3  Building Context: Historical Events of the Time

Students research historical events and people of the time period.

Episode 4 Critical Incident: The Underground Railroad

A slave catcher comes to town searching for members of the Underground Railroad.

Episode 5 Critical Incident: A Presidential Election

Students participate in a discussion of the presidential candidates and then vote for their candidate of choice--if their character is eligible to vote.

Episode 6  Critical Incident: The Onset of War

Students learn of the onset of war and decide which side they will support--North or South--and the consequences of choosing sides.

Episode 7  Critical Incident:  The Siege

Students learn of the major battles and events that led to the siege of Chattanooga and then work together to survive the siege.

Episode 8  Concluding Event: Peace and Rebuilding

Students decide on a monument and ceremony to commemorate the events and rebuild good will in their community.

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Classroom Photographs: Creating the Frieze
    Click here to see how the frieze develops over a number of days: DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, DAY 4, DAY 5, WORD BANK

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