Episode 1


The Civil Rights Movement: Freedom Summer

            Character Introductions

                Oral Presentation Checklist

The following is a list of criteria on which you will be assessed for your character introductions.
Use it as a guide for self and peer assessment as you practice your introductions in your work groups.

1.    I maintained eye-contact most of the time.

2.   I spoke to the entire audience, not just one or two people.

3.    My pronunciation was clear and easy to understand.

4.    My rate of speech was not too fast or too slow.

5.    My volume was not too loud or too soft.

6.    I used notes sparingly; I did not read from them.

7.    I used notes sparingly; I did not read from them.

8.    I didnít use filler words (uhm, uh, ah, mm, like).

9.    I didnít fidget, rock back and forth, or pace.

10.    I maintained good posture.

11.    I stayed "in character" for my entire presentation.

12.    I shared relevant information about my character's life experience(s) related to civil rights.

13.    I effectively and realistically portrayed my character, giving the audience an understanding of his/her life and personality.

14.    I was able to competently answer questions from the audience.
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