Themed Literature Units

Example Generalizations
What does it mean to ... take action to care for others,
face hard times with courage,
find a place to belong?

The example generalizations below are not grade specific, nor are they the only generalizations that might arise from the theme. These are given as samples of the kinds of statements you might use as the focus for your teaching in a themed literature unit. Therefore, they are intended as idea generators, not a prescriptive recipe.

Taking Action to Care for Others

  •  It is sometimes hard work to care for others, so you must be persistent, confident, patient and determined.
  • No matter what your age, you can still take action if you believe in yourself.
  • You may have to give something up even if you don't want to, and people might not agree with you.

Finding a Place to Belong

  • Challenges shape people, and make them stronger.
  • Having a place to live isn't the same as having a loving home.
  • Many problems occur as a result of not having a place to belong.
  • Things we take for granted others may need.
  • People need to be resourceful in order to survive when they face challenges.

Drawing on Inner Strength

  • People draw on inner strength to help them persevere through tough times
  • When we draw on our own inner strength we make a conscious decision to act out of courage rather than fear
  • Fostering inner strength is a life-long process
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find inner strength.

Building New Friendships

  • When we are in a new situation, we can make new friends.
  • Friends enrich our lives and can help us in times of need.
  • Friends share with one another to express their appreciation of the friendship.

Facing Change with Courage

  • Everyone has internal courage to help them face change.
  • Others can help us gain courage to face change.
  • Being courageous means overcoming change in spite of the odds.
  • Different people have different reasons for needing to be courageous.

What Carries Us Through Hardship?

  • Hardships come in many forms and can happen to anybody.
  • To get through hard times, we need to have faith in our own worth and our own power to act.
  • To get through hard times, we need to be willing to try new things.
  • One thing that can carry people through hardship is concern for someone or something outside of themselves.
  • Sometimes family, community and the strength of cultural traditions can carry people through hardship.
Taking a Stand
  • Taking a stand means to stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against popular opinion.
  • There will come a time when we need to stand up for what is right.
  • Standing up for what we believe in is not easy.
  • Sometimes we do not know what values we hold dear until we are confronted with a difficult situation.

Working Together to Solve Problems

  • Working together to solve problems effectively requires cooperation, communication, and respect for others.
  • More can be accomplished by working together than alone.
  • Everyone has something to contribute in a group that is working together to solve a problem.



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