Themed Literature Units

Example Themed Literature Units
Grades K-8
These example units were developed by teachers who were graduate students
at Seattle University. Each unit is in the format of a website to
provide information about the unit to families.

Persevering Despite Obstacles ~ T. Marcovitch

Taking Risks to Help Others ~ T. Steers

Adapting to New Situations ~ S. Henderson

Courage is Inside All of Us ~ M. Newton

Taking Steps to Be a Good Friend ~ E. Dose

Overcoming Obstacles in the Search for Identity ~ C. Bushey

Being Stewards of the Earth ~ F. Kim

Discovering Your Inner Hero ~ M. Garcia

Caring for the Earth ~ H. Mayfield

Working Together, We Accomplish More ~ K. Leek

Being a True Friend ~ C. Hill

Being a True Friend (Teacher Resources) ~ C. Hill

Themed Literature Units

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