Thinking About Teaching?

Congratulations on considering a career in teaching – a chance to be surprised every day, to pay your debts to the future!  I hope this page inspires you as you make this decision, helps you find a teacher education program that is a good fit for you, and gives a glimpse ahead to your first classroom experiences.

Deciding to Teach
The best teachers have a lot to offer young people through their passion; maturity; and extensive content and professional knowledge, experiences, skills.  The best teachers love students first, and their subject areas second.  The following resources should inspire you -- and help you consider whether a career in teaching is right for you: Get Involved in K-12 Schools
The best way to know whether teaching is the career for you is to get involved in local schools.  Volunteering in local schools not only gives you a glimpse into the world of teachers and students, but it also meets a pressing social need.  In addition, volunteering can help you choose what district you might want to teach in, and what grade level best suits your talents.

Teacher Education
Washington has 22 approved teacher education programs.  Each has its own history, purpose, mission, and requirements.  The following resources can help you select a program that will fit you:

Teaching in Other Parts of the Country

That First Year…
Although nothing but the experience itself can truly prepare you for your first year of teaching, these resources may help:
What Seattle University Has to Offer
Seattle University’s College of Education has over 75 years of experience preparing high-quality educators to work with K-12 students in a variety of settings.  In addition to formal preparation programs, we also offer a wide range of resources on education that may be of use to you no matter where you go for teacher certification.  We hope you’ll keep this list handy:

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