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Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, PhD
Associate Professor, Modern Languages / Women Studies
Director of the Latin American Studies Program, Seattle University






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A native of Texas and California, having grown up both in Mexico and the United States, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs spent time in Los Angeles (where she earned two B.A.’s in Spanish and French, two minors in Anthropology and Sociology and a Latin American Studies Emphasis in four years, while also having spent more than a year in France).  She lived in Northern California (where she earned teaching and administrative credentials, UCSC, and both an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Spanish) at Stanford University, before coming to Washington in July of 2000 to begin a career as an assistant professor at Seattle University.  After being tenured in March 2006, Gutiérrez y Muhs was named the 2007-2009 Wismer Professor for Gender and Diversity Studies at Seattle University.  

Gutiérrez y Muhs’ research interests lie principally in the areas of Chican@/Latin@ and Latin American literatures, cultural studies and feminist theory, but her intellectual and teaching interests incorporate literary and cultural theory, Latin American Studies and the study of Immigration, and the shifting of international positions towards ethnicity and identity. Her main theoretical concern centers on theorizing Chican@/ Latin@/Mexican@ subjectivity.

Undergraduate courses Gutiérrez y Muhs has taught include  ,"Emerging Subjectivities in Chican@ Literature, " Latin American Women’s Literature," " Latin American and Spanish Culture and Civilization," "Women, Ethnicity and Culture," and "Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition."  

Gutiérrez y Muhs’ publications include several essays, encyclopedia entries, opinion pieces and other cultural work on Chicana subjectivity, popular culture, transnationalism, spirituality, feminist theory, and cross-cultural issues. She is the author of the poetry collection A Most Improbable Life (Finishing Line Press), and the forthcoming novel Invitations: Malgré Tout as well as her collection of interviews, and theorization of cultural exile: Communal Feminisms: Chicanas, Chilenas and Cultural Exile  Lexington Books, 2007).  Her forthcoming co-edited books include  Rebozos de Palabras: An Helena María Viramontes Reader, and La Pluma Pintada: A José Antonio Burciaga Reader.  For the past fifteen years, she has been actively delivering poetry readings, motivational talks and keynote speeches nationally and internationally at conferences, trainings, schools and events.