L Y N   G U A L T I E R I ' S   R E S E A R C H                   H O M E
LYN GUALTIERI (Ph.D.University of Massachusetts, 1999; Postdoctoral Researcher Quaternary Research Center and Department of Geological Sciences). Presently my research focus is the Holocene paleoenvironmental history of the central Aleutian Islands as it pertains to the arrival and migration of the ancient Aleuts. Previous work has focused on the glacial and sea level history of the Bering Strait Region. Currently I teach geology at Seattle University and conduct my field research through the University of Washington. My approach is interdisciplinary, using a variety of numerical and relative dating techniques as well as traditional mapping and stratigraphic description of Quaternary deposits. Previously I have employed the use of cosmogenic isotope dating to decipher the extent and chronology of glaciation in other arctic and mountainous regions such as the Anadyr Region of Far Eastern Russia, Little Diomede Island, Svalbard, Ellesmere Island, Patagonia, the Lahul Himalayas and Kamchatka. I am also working on a 36Cl cosmogenic isotope calibration project using Icelandic basalts. On this web page you will find an introduction to my current and past research projects.
Please contact me for more information.
Lyn Gualtieri
Engineering 407A
Seattle University
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone 206-296-5531
Email gualtieri@seattleu.edu
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