Each of these assignments involve elements that must be coompleted using MATLAB. You can access MATLAB on any campus computer. Alternatively, you can access MATLAB by using the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.The instructions for this can be found here. If you wish to purchase a student version of MATLAB you can do so here.

Lab Assignments/Homework Problems:

Homework 1 Due Friday Jan. 14
Homework 1 Programming Tips
Matlab Intro
Other Matlab Intro Files: File 1, File 2

Homework 2 Due Thursday Jan. 27
Bisection Method Lab

Homework 3 Due Friday Feb. 11 at 2 PM
Divided Difference Lab

Homework 4 Due Monday Feb 28th at 2PM
Cubic Spline Lab

Homework 5 Due March 14th at 2PM
MatLab file

Lecture Notes:

Periodically, I will give you some notes to summarize things we have done in class.  These notes are meant to just give an overview of what we have done in class.

Rate and Order of Convergence (pdf, Mathematica)
Newton vs. Secant (pdf, Mathematica)
Accelerating Convergence (pdf, Mathematica)
Neville/Newton (pdf)
Chebyshev Polynomials (pdf, Mathematica)
Cubic Spline (pdf)
Derivatives and Richardson Extrapolation (pdf, Mathematica)
Richardson Extrapolation Example (pdf)
Trapezoid and Simpson's Rule (pdf, Mathematica)
Iterative Methods (pdf, Mathematica)

Exam Prep:

Exam 1 Study Outline

Exam 2 Study Outline

New material outine for the Final Exam

Course Info:

Course Links

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