Sharon Cumberland "" Publications



– Sharon Cumberland: Greatest Hits 1985-2000
Johnstown, OH: Pudding House Publications, 2002
Poetry and essay collection

– The Arithmetic of Mourning
Seattle: Green Rock Press, 1998.

Chapters in Books

–" Memory and Media: The Narrative Theories of Walter J. Ong," in Thomas Farrell and Paul Soukup, eds. The Contributions of Walter J. Ong
Hampton Press, Forthcoming, 2003

–" Private Uses of Cyberspace: Women, Desire, and Fan Culture," in Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn, eds. Rethinking Media Change:The Aesthetics of Transition
Cambridge: MIT Press Forthcoming, 2003


Book of Kells
Sharon CUmberland Photo

“These delights, if thou canst give, Mirth, with thee I mean to live.” – “L’Allegro,” John Milton
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