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Poems in Journals

– "About Trees," "The Times." Nerve, Vol 2 No.1, Glasgow, Scotland. 2001
– "Lucidity." West Wind Review, Vol. 19, 2000
– "Starling Road." The Cortland Review. Vol. 6. 1999
– "Accident," "On Seeing Keats' Deathroom," Unchurching of Brooklyn." "Visiting the Pyramids." The Cortland Review. Vol 5. 1998.
– "Before." Kalliope. 1998
– "When a Fresh, Young, Girl." Verse. Vol. 15 No 1, 1998.
– "Christ Rebuked the Waves," "He Summoned the Twelve." Verse. Vol 13, No 1, 1996.
– "Swing Alone," "Elberton Swing," Lipstick," "Before." West Coast. Summer, 1995.
– "Smoke Offering," Postulant." Indiana Review. Spring, 1995.
– "I Know I Am Capable of Great Love." Laurel Review. 1994.
– "The Rape of the Sabine Women." Kalliope. 1994
– "Habit," "What You Have," "On Going In." Ploughshares. April, 1994.
– "The Fur-Faced Boys." Freshground, 1993.
– "Madame Tussaud Remembers/Marie Gersholz Forgets." Beloit Poetry Journal. Winter, 1992/1993
– "The Killing Speed." Roanoke Review." Winter, 1991.
– "Lipstick." Contact II. Spring, 1991.
– "Schubertiad." Psychopoetica. Winter, 1990/1991.
– "Piney Point." Poet Lore. Spring, 1990.
– "The Final Diet." Poets On: Winter, 1990.
– "You Die in Pieces." Mandelamandela. New York: World Press: 1990.
– "Ars Poetica." Iowa Review. Spring, 1990.
– "Ars Poetica," "Unreasonable Woman." Iowa Review. Fall, 1989.
– "On Brooklyn Heights Promenade." Mickle Street Review. 1988.
– "On the Darien Train," "The Speechwriter Speaks His Peace," "The Speechwriter Takes Action." Contact II. Spring, 1988.
– "Recipe," "The Facts of Life." Unction. Spring, 1988.
– "The Arithmetic of Mourning." Pulpsmith. Winter, 1987.


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“These delights, if thou canst give, Mirth, with thee I mean to live.” – “L’Allegro,” John Milton
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